KMOC Seminar: Edged Weapons and 3rd Party Defense with Shlomi Abeceedon

Saturday, May 18 2019, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM [PST]

17751 Sky Park East, Suite E, Irvine, CA, 92614, United States


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Event Information

Saturday, May 18 2019, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM [PST]

About the Event

KMOC Seminar: Edged Weapons and 3rd Party Defense with Shlomi Abeceedon

Krav Maga of Orange County is excited to have Shlomi Abeceedon, Senior Instructor, Trainer and Deputy Head of Discipline of  the Israeli Krav Magen Association (KAMI) in Israel, conduct an Edged Weapons and 3rd Party Defense seminar at our Irvine location on Saturday, May 18th, from 10:00am - 2:00pm.

This seminar will address self-defense tactics and senarios involving edged weapons attacks and threats against individuals or 3rd parties. Participants will learn how to defense these thread and attacks in the context of an attempted of assault, robbery or home invasion.

Topics to be covered:

  • Situational awareness
  • Pre-attack setup dynamics
  • Prioritizing threats on the fly
  • Defenses against edged weapons


3rd Party Defense topics to be covered:

  • Compared to self-defense - what changes, what doesn't
  • Protecting loved ones vs. 3rd party defense 
  • When and how to intervene with an ongoing attack
  • Staying to fight vs. evacuating the 3rd party
  • 3rd Party defense vs. edged weapons


This reality-based training will address real-life attacks and scenarios taken from actual events occurring in our communities.

Shlomi Abeceedon is a 6th Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga and has studied Krav Maga for over 30 years. He is a senior trainer at Israeli Krav Magen Association (KAMI) in Israel. His Krav Maga experience includes the following:

  • 6th degree Black Belt in Krav Maga. Training in Krav Maga since 1987.
  • Deputy Head of Discipline of the KAMI association. 
  • Wingate certified Krav Maga instructor since 1996. 
  • Academic Colledge at Wingate certified martial arts senior trainer.
  • Masters degree in Phycial Education (M.P.E).
  • Martial Arts Courses Coorinator at the Academic Colledge at Wingate.
  • In his mandatory service in the I.D.F served in an elite unit as a sergant and as unarmed combat instructor.


This is a great opportunity to train with one of the top Krav Maga instructors from Israel with extensive background and experience in the real world application of Krav Maga.

Please join us for this great day of training and reserve your spot today! 



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Edged Weapons and 3rd Part Defenses seminar taught by Shlomi Abeceedon.